What is beauty serums?

beauty serums

Cosmetic Serum – an elite new cosmetics, with which you can quickly put your beauty in order. Initially, the serum was used in professional beauty, and now it created intense for use in the home. The serum uses very high concentrated fruit acids exotic fruits. Serum is further enriched with natural concentrates of vitamins A and E, as well as healing minerals.
Regular use of serum gives a quick visible effect of rejuvenation. Beauty Serum advantage is that the skin gets instantaneously desired amount of active substances and in the form in which they are more easily digested and at the same time extremely powerful “blow”, in which the skin immediately gets the right amount of active substances in the form in which it is easiest to assimilate them. Typically, whey contains special substances – enhancers that make the skin more permeable.
Enhancers provide access to deeper layers of the skin, and the active ingredients in high concentration moisturize, revitalize, tighten and optimize the sebaceous glands – depending on what specific serum designed. That’s why when used properly serum can quickly achieve noticeable results. Because the concentration of active substances in the serum than in any cream, using sera can significantly improve the appearance of the skin and the complexion, to reduce expression wrinkles, increasing skin elasticity and tonicity. Whey is a means of intense action, so it is recommended for women from 25-30 years to recover “tired” and dull skin.