Teeth care, braces, teeth whitening and alignment

Teeth care

Teeth are the most vital part of the face and especially the smile, a healthy set of teeth reveals a lot about your diet and upbringing, although, unluckily, like so many other impressions in the human beings, teeth are also problematic most of the time, most common issue is the teeth alignment, Teeth can be misaligned for several reasons.

Overlapping teeth

Teeth overlap when there is not enough space in the jaws so that the teeth are normally positioned.

Spaced teeth

The teeth are spaced apart when there is too much space between the teeth of the jaw. This may be due to the small size of the teeth, to an abnormal growth of the jaws, to a genetic problem, missing teeth or a language too advanced.

Displacement between the upper and lower teeth

When the upper teeth significantly overlap the lower teeth. It can be due to genetics, or improper or over development of the boon supporting the teeth, most probably the jaw. When the lower teeth are ahead of the upper teeth, this is a sub-occlusion. It may be due to a sub-growth of the upper jaw, overgrowth of the lower jaw, or both. It may also be caused by the lack of upper teeth.

Ectopic tooth eruption

There is ectopic tooth eruption when a permanent tooth erupts into an abnormal position and remains in the bone tissue in whole or in part. The canines often have problems of eruption.   Now that, you have read the reasons for misalignment of teeth, you might want to know the solution as you are reading this article, you must be having a relevent issue in you or in your family,

Invisalign Orthodontics, method to get a perfect smile

A revolution in orthodontics for adults! Invisalign are invisible braces that straighten the teeth. You can brighten your smile without anyone noticing and without disrupting your daily activities. Your new smile gives you more confidence and enhances your personal and professional life after applying invisalign or invisible braces. Invisalign can treat the most common orthodontic problems in adults. But greater self-confidence is not the only benefit, your oral health is also improved.

teeth alignment

teeth alignment

Treatments associated with Invisalign

The practitioner may involve other cosmetic dental techniques with Invisalign

Dental veneers

The veneers are purely cosmetic effect. They are used to improve the shape (a chipped or irregular tooth, for example) or the color of your teeth.

Teeth whitening

At the end of Invisalign treatment, the teeth whitening is the final touch that gives all its brilliance to your new smile.