Nutritional tips


Proper nutrition for children is crucial to ensure their proper development. In Italy, 36% of children have an excess of weight and yet children are born with a capacity of precise self in food intake. The onset of overweight may be due to incorrect habits acquired in their first years of life, such as associating the food at a premium or tie the meal to other activities such as TV or PC.

Talking about “diet” for a child not to be understood as a simple weight loss but rather as the acquisition of healthy eating habits. It has been shown that improper eating habits over the long haul can lead to pathological conditions such as obesity, which in turn can have negative effects on the proper development and the health of the child. In this case it is recommended to intervene with specific dietary targeted to a slow and balanced weight loss.

Proper nutrition can also help in preventing onset of all the pathologies present within the child’s family to which the child is probably genetically predisposed (eg a grandparent with diabetes). In the age of the development not only commit errors due to over-supply but often linked to bad habits: a common mistake is to skip breakfast or listlessness or hurry. The baby grows every day that’s why his daily diet should be regular and complete of all substances important for its development.