Natural remedies for colds

Natural remedies for colds

Fight colds and flu
A person will have an average of 150 episodes of cold or flu in his life. The common cold is an infection of the upper respiratory tract, and a main cause of doctor visits and missed days at school and at work.  we spend over $ 300 each year on OTC drugs or prescription to relieve symptoms of colds and flu, such as runny nose, headache and sore throat. Among the range of natural products, here are a few that We recommend.


Many people believe that probiotics serve only to treat the digestive system, but they also stimulate immune function. Indeed, the intestines are on the first line of defense of our body and their membranes contain immune cells that make antibodies. A good balance of intestinal flora promotes rapid immune response. Probiotics are intestinal flora strains which there are hundreds of species. With the purchase of a probiotic, choose a brand that offers between 50 billion and 450 billion bacteria per dose. Make sure the bottle is well sealed so that these good bacteria remain alive and therefore effective. I especially like the Bio-K + brands and VSL # 3 that must be refrigerated, because good microbes they contain remain longer viable. You will find both products in health food stores or in pharmacies or you can order them online.


This plant has received as much criticism as the approval of the medical profession for its effectiveness in the prevention of colds and reduce its symptoms. In 2013, Canadians will have spent nearly $ 10 million in preparations that contain it, according to marketing research firm Nielsen. Is the misplaced money? It depends on the plan you choose. Echinacea contains stimulants chemical elements for the immune system which are different depending on whether they come from the roots or the flower. There are the two parts of the plant product in Vogel and Vogel Echinaforce Echinaforce for Junior children. These products are sold in health food stores. I also really like the Pare Flu Jamieson, who used the root of Echinacea angustifolia, a variety that contains high levels of polysaccharides stimulants for immunity.


You need to sleep more when you fight a cold, an elusive goal when you are constantly awakened by nasal congestion. I like nasal strips Breathe Right. They open the nasal passages naturally (I also used when I run or I’ll intense cardiovascular exercise). They are in the form of strong adhesive tape that you apply to the bridge of the nose: they raise the nostrils and open nasal passages so you can breathe easier. The effect is instant and lasts all night; you can use while taking other products against colds without worrying about potential side effects. There are two sizes: adult and child.