How to choose winter shoes


With the approach of winter, especially during the first frost in our summer shoes become very cool to walk down the street. A cold rain or snow can easily ruin a good pair of shoes and get your feet wet, you should be a couple of minutes away from the office or home. Obviously, it should not be necessary to take measures to protect against the weather, yea, think twice before you buy!

In this article, we will discuss some guidelines to be followed in the winter, as well as consider the question of how to choose a winter shoes under your clothes. Whether it is an official dress code and casual style, you should have its own pair of shoes that will protect against moisture, cold, and will not allow cold and will look good too.

If you often go on foot, for example, home to work and back in the winter in front of you there is an entire road with obstacles in the form of snow drifts and puddles. If you intend to wear your favorite brogues or loafers with thin soles, I’m afraid you come to work quite the frozen and soaked. Thin soles and low heels (men’s shoes), do not allow the protection against water. Moisture gets into the joint between the foot and the base of the shoe, you should come in the wet snow or puddle.

To solve the problem, we recommend getting a pair of shoes with thick soles. It does not look so stylish but certainly protects from shallow puddles that occur on the sidewalk. In addition, a thick layer of rubber retains heat longer. Obviously, the land where you go – the cold, so the sole should be thicker.